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Apr 19


Grant Money Will Be Used to Develop Industrial Training Program That Helps Meet Industry Demand for Skilled Mechatronics Technicians

FONTANA, Calif., April 19, 2022 / The Chaffey College InTech Center today announced it has been awarded a $500K grant from the California Apprenticeship Initiative to deliver an Automation, Robotics, and Mechatronics (ARM) Pre-Apprenticeship Program. The program will provide students with training in mechanics, electronics, automation, and robotics. The first ARM Pre-Apprenticeship class will begin on May 31, 2022.

Sandra Sisco, director, economic development and InTech Center, said, “We designed the ARM Pre-Apprenticeship Program in collaboration with the Inland Desert Employers Apprenticeship (IDEA) Committee. The program is design to prepare students for three potential pathways: 1) to attain entry-level mechatronics technician jobs; 2) to continue their training by entering our registered mechatronics apprenticeship program that provides graduates with both state and federal journey-level certification; 3) to apply to the Mechatronics associate degree program. Additionally, the program is designed to enhance the skills of those who are currently employed in manufacturing, distribution, and other industries that utilized advanced industrial technologies.”

With this grant, the InTech Center will undertake the following activities:

  • Develop curriculum for the pre-apprenticeship program to become a pathway into the Mechatronics Technician registered apprenticeship;
  • Submit the pre-apprenticeship program to the California Division of Apprenticeship Standards (DAS) for registration approval at the state level;
  • Offer four-to-six cohorts of training and register 100 pre-apprenticeship students;
  • Engage with employers to hire the mechatronics pre-apprenticeship students;
  • Conduct marketing and outreach to students, with a focus on youth;
  • Provide industry-recognized certifications that align with the training;
  • Continue to partner with industry through regional apprenticeship committee meetings.

Sisco added, “We are very proud of our track record in training students for in-demand jobs in the Inland Empire. The ARM Pre-Apprenticeship is another example of how we collab­orate with employers to develop a high-performance workforce that helps build a strong regional economy. We encourage students who are interested in the program to sign up now for the next Pre-Apprenticeship information sessions that takes place online on May 5th and May 10th, from 1:00 PM – 3:00 PM.”

The median wage (2020) for mechatronics technicians is $28.75/hour/ $ 59,800 annually.

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The Industrial Technical Learning Center (InTech) is a regional training center designed to train and upskill a workforce pipeline for business and industry in the Inland Empire region. The state-of-the-art 33,000 square foot training facility is the first public-private partnership in California.  Located on the campus of California Steel industries in Fontana, California, InTech provides industry-driven technical and professional development training for the region’s growing manufacturing and logistics industry.

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