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The Industrial Technical Learning Center (InTech) is a regional training center designed to train and upskill a workforce pipeline for business and industry in the Inland Empire region and provides training at no cost to all individuals.

InTech is the first public-private partnership in the California Community College System and possibly in the U.S.; it has attracted national and international attention. In a recent visit to the InTech Center, U.S. Senator Kamala Harris called it a “national model.” InTech provides in-demand technical training and professional development programs that include nationally recognized stackable certifications and lead to good paying careers.

Chaffey College and California Steel Industries, Inc. (CSI) have had a long-standing, successful partnership for almost twenty years. In 2014, a grant opportunity allowed them to formalize the partnership and used Department of Labor TAACCCT funds to renovate CSI’s old administration building and create a regional training center. The InTech Center is located on CSI’s property and is a 33,000 square foot facility with six classrooms, a computer lab, mechatronics lab, electrical lab and mechanical lab. Chaffey College Economic Development operates the InTech Center and is 100% self-funded.

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Chaffey College has a reputation for collaborating and building partnerships. In the past three years, Chaffey College has leveraged an additional $7 million from various funding partners: James Irvine Foundation, JP Morgan Chase, Arconic Foundation, CA Community College Chancellor’s Office, the Employment Training Panel and the San Bernardino County Workforce Development Division.

By consistently partnering with key employers to ensure their needs are met with rapidly changing technology, InTech has proven to be the industry standard for upskilling the workforce in the Inland Empire. This collaboration not only benefits employers and individuals looking for a better career, but also is ideal for organizations looking to invest in workforce and economic growth. The results speak for themselves – since InTech opened in February 2016, it has served over 1700 individuals and approximately 150 employers.