InTech Center Success Stories

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Damon Bridges

Building Maintenance Mechanic, Ventura Foods

Damon Bridges was working as a forklift driver for NRI, an e-commerce fulfillment and logistics company with facilities in Chino, Calif. He was making $20 an hour while working fulltime and attending the Industrial Electrical and Mechanical Pre-Apprenticeship training program at the Chaffey College InTech Center. After graduating the program in November of 2021, Damon was hired in December by Ventura Foods as a Building Maintenance Mechanic. He is now making a significantly higher hourly wage.

About Ventura Foods
Ventura Foods is a leading producer of dressings and sauces, mayonnaises, margarine and butter blends, and oils and shortenings. Our customers include foodservice companies, retailers, and food manufacturers in the U.S., Canada and more than 60 countries.

“Our pre-apprenticeship training programs give students the hands-on career training that enables them to attain well-paying, family-sustaining jobs and great opportunities for career advancement. We offer these programs to students at minimal to no cost.”
Natalie WeaverManager, Apprenticeship and Grants & Acting Deputy Director, Economic Development at InTech
Damon Bridges

Damon Bridges, Graduate, Industrial Electrical and Mechanical Pre-Apprenticeship Training Program

Learn more about the Industrial Electrical and Mechanical Pre-Apprenticeship training program.

Erick Martinez

B1 Electrical Maintenance Mechanic, California Steel Industries
Current Wage: $25.51/hour

Erick Martinez was working at the County of Riverside CalWORKs office as an Eligibility Technician in early 2016, when he was unexpectedly laid off from his position. His employer directed him to the unemployment office, and as he was going through the process, he saw an InTech Center flyer promoting their new Industrial Electrical, Industrial Mechanical and HVAC training programs. Erick had always been someone who enjoyed tinkering with and fixing things. When he saw the flyer, he knew it was a sign of the next step to a new career.

Erick enrolled in the InTech Electrical Boot Camp, as well as the HVAC program, where he developed a love for the craft. As he learned more about the industrial maintenance topics that were needed in manufacturing, he knew he had chosen the right path. Due to the training he received at the InTech Center Erick applied for the California Steel Industries (CSI) internship program. While he was not initially accepted into the CSI internship program, CSI partnered with InTech, who had recently begun their own internship program, to give Erick a trial run to see how he performed.

Immediately, Erick’s hard work and positive attitude was apparent. Upon completion of the internship hours, CSI was so impressed with him that they offered him a full-time position as a B1 Electrical Maintenance Technician on August 30, 2017.

Erick was registered as an Industrial Maintenance Electrician apprentice in July 2018. With his previous work experience applied, Erick is expected to complete his apprenticeship and receive his state journey-level certificate in fall 2019.

Kamala Harris

From left to right: student Luis Rivas, Senator Kamala Harris, student and InTech intern Abraham Baeza, and apprentice Erick Martinez

“I didn’t grow up with the skills I’ve learned in the past two years at the InTech Center and CSI. There’s tremendous value at the end of [training]. You’re investing, you’re sacrificing, but it’s all worth it…When I meet some of my co-workers, they say they’ve been there for 15 years, 20 years, 30 years – that longevity is comforting, and it’s something I strive for.”
Erick Martinez
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Sharon Wolf

Maintenance Trainee, FedEx
Current Wage: $24.18/hour

After being laid off from her job in 2016, Sharon contacted the America’s Job Center of California (AJCC) in Rancho Cucamonga to see if they could help her find a new position. Sharon had a young daughter at home, and her husband’s income alone was not enough to financially support the family. So, as a displaced worker, the AJCC was able to enroll Sharon in the InTech Center’s Industrial Electrical Pathway. Upon completion of the pathway, she was selected to be part of the InTech Center internship program, and began work as a Field Service Technician at C. Stoneham in Pomona. Through classroom training and hands-on experience as an intern, Sharon was able to find a permanent position as a Maintenance Trainee at FedEx.

Sharon Wolf in her FedEx uniform

Gary Barlow

Maintenance Mechanic, Gerdau Steel
Gary was working as a Field Service Representative at Edison, but was laid off due to cutbacks. Faced with a mortgage and trying to find a way to provide for his family, Gary applied to multiple jobs without success. Gary was also in danger of losing his home, but applied for the Keep Your Home California, which provided a little bit of financial relief for him. After doing some research about technical training, he found the InTech Center and enrolled in the Industrial Electrical Pathway. Gary struggled with math, but was committed and went to tutoring to improve. Gary also engaged in the lighter touch internship program that prepared him to interview with companies. Upon successful completion of the lighter touch program, Gary was sent on an interview with Gerdau Steel and received a job offer on August 25, 2017.

William Zanabria

General Technician, Alger Manufacturing
Current Wage: $15.00/hour

A Marine veteran, William Zanabria was working in general labor at Alger Manufacturing for a staffing agency at minimum wage, trying to support his wife and daughter. He discovered Chaffey College InTech Center and enrolled in their evening Industrial Electrical and Mechanical training program to improve his work skills. As his knowledge increased, he approached the CEO of Alger Manufacturing and explained what he was learning at InTech and how he can apply it to on the job training. The CEO was so impressed that he offered William a position as a full-time General Technician at $15.00 an hour, where he is qualified for a raise in a few months. Through InTech, William learned the theory and skills that prepared him to transition from a job to a career.

William Zanabria

Jose Torres

Maintenance II, Gerard Daniel
Current Wage: $15/hour

Jose was laid off from Ashley Furniture in 2016, but along with his co-workers, received new job skills training at the Chaffey College InTech Center as a result of their collaboration with San Bernardino County EDD. Jose was provided translation services, tutoring, books and uniforms, which allowed him to excel in his technical training. At the completion of his program, Jose was offered a position at Gerard Daniel through the InTech Center internship program. Gerard Daniel plans on further educating Jose by placing him in the Inland/Desert Industrial Maintenance Electrician apprenticeship program.

Linda Wilson

Maintenance Technician, Domino’s Pizza
One of the most significant issues that may affect success of a training program is the lack of a strong support system. Unfortunately for Linda, her support system was disrupted early in the training – she experienced the loss of a family member within the household. This directly disrupted Linda’s and her minor child’s financial assistance. However, through hard work and dedication, she was able to continue coming to school and providing for her family. After program completion, Linda encountered more challenges with background issues that caused employers hesitation. She remained diligent and continued to apply regardless of any adversity. Linda ultimately acquired the first InTech internship with Domino’s and has returned for training at the InTech Center to further advance her skillset.

Kris Fahring

Maintenance Mechanic, Burlington Stores
Current Wage: $22.26/hour

This Veteran had been a displaced worker and was seeking a new career. He did not have a resume and had not looked for employment in over 10 years. After utilizing EDD services, Kris learned about the InTech Center and enrolled into the Industrial Electrical training program. He struggled with mathematics, but took advantage of the tutorial services to master the concepts. Upon successful completion of his program, Kris applied for the California Steel Industries Summer internship, which ended in August 2017. Through gained experience, he received a job offer from Burlington Store as a Maintenance Mechanic. He has now been a speaker for a few events demonstrating the success of displaced Veterans that can begin a new career with the assistance, support and training that the InTech Center offers.

Kris Fahring