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“I didn’t grow up with the skills I’ve learned in the past two years at the InTech Center and CSI. There’s tremendous value at the end of [training]. You’re investing, you’re sacrificing, but it’s all worth it…When I meet some of my co-workers, they say they’ve been there for 15 years, 20 years, 30 years – that longevity is comforting, and it’s something I strive for.”
Erick participated in the CA DAS-Registered Inland/Desert Non-Union Unilateral Multiemployer Apprenticeship program. He went through the InTech Center Industrial Electrical & Mechanical Pre-Apprenticeship and was selected as an apprentice by California Steel Industries in 2017.
Erick MartinezJourney-Level Industrial Maintenance Electrician, California Steel Industries, Wage: $36.52/hour
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