Regional Impact

Program activity for TAACCCT concluded in March 2018. Since then, INTECH has received funding through a number of grants and contracts to continue offering accelerated training programs for entry-level and incumbent workers.

TAACCCT Funding Breakdown

The Inland Empire Regional Training Consortium (IERTC) received $14.9M from the Department of Labor. It consisted of 10 community colleges, 2 universities and 2 workforce development boards to provide accelerated training to low-income individuals in the Inland/Desert region.

  • Community Colleges, Universities and Workforce Development Boards: $7.6M
  • INTECH Renovations: $2.2M
  • INTECH Operations: $2.7M
  • INTECH Equipment: $1.1M
  • Third Party Evaluations: $1M
  • Chaffey Indirect: $388K

TAACCCT Economic Impact

From 2014-2018, TAACCCT had an enormous impact on employers, community members and their families. At the 12-month follow-up, there was a 25% decrease in individuals using government assistance.

  • Students Enrolled: IERTC: 6,863 | InTech: 1,726
  • Completers: IERTC: 2,594 | InTech: 1,323
  • Incumbent Workers: IERTC: 1,786 | InTech: 1,013
  • Credentials Earned: IERTC: 5,729 | InTech: 4,055
  • Job Placements: IERTC: 793 | InTech: 272 (88% Job Placement Rate)