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The InTech Employer Engagement Team helps employers job match with students who complete our accelerated training programs: Industrial Electrical/Mechanical Pre-Apprenticeship, Welding, Automation, Robotics and Mechatronics (ARM) Pre-Apprenticeship (launching in Spring, 2022) Learn more. We work with students closely for soft skills training, elevator pitches, resume review, interview skills and more.

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INTECH promotes the AAA candidate: Attitude, Aptitude and Attendance! We pre-screen students to ensure they show up on time, ask questions, have a strong work ethic, and know the fundamentals of safety and technical skills related to their field of study.

Meet the Students:
  • Student Recruitment Events – The InTech Center hosts sessions for employers to meet and engage with the graduating trainees. Employers are invited to participate in one-on-one sessions with the trainees, prior to graduation. Employers have an opportunity to share a company overview, job-related opportunities, recruit and hire trainees directly, as a Registered Apprentice, or Paid Intern.
  • Guest Speaker – Visit our current training programs and speak to students about your company and open job opportunities.
  • Industry Interview – Participate in interviews with trainees to share your entry-level job opportunities and hear trainees discuss the skills attained during hands-on and classroom training that make them a good fit for the success of your operation and company.
  • Site Tour – Invite trainees into your facilities, so they can get a firsthand look at your operation, equipment, and see workers perform daily tasks related to their InTech Center program training.
Industrial Electrical and Mechanical Pre-Apprenticeship Graduates

Paid Internship Program

InTech Center provides paid internships for trainees to work at manufacturing, distribution, logistics, and related industry sectors.

  • Trainees have completed Industrial Electrical, Industrial Mechanical, or Welding Pathways.
  • Interns work under the guidance of a supervisor to observe and then practice skills related to their training program.
  • Interns are NOT full-time employees of the organization and are paid by the Foundation for California Community Colleges (aka, “FOUNDATION”) the Employer of Record.
  • Payroll is covered at the entry-level hourly wage of the worksite for 40 hours per week up to 240 total hours – $5,806 VALUE!.
  • Workers’ compensation is 100% covered through this program (for paid internship hours), by the Employer of Record.
  • For employers, this is a no-pressure, low-risk platform to have students work up to 240-hours in what is, essentially, a working interview. Allow trainees to experience the rigors of the job first-hand, ideally, positioning them for full-time employment.


Requirements of companies:

  • Complete a work site agreement.
  • Must have open positions available – InTech places interns with companies that want to fill existing open positions. This is to ensure maximum success between interns and their work site.
  • Supervisors must complete an 8-hour mentorship training. Supervisors who complete this training will be adequately prepared to mentor an intern.
  • The paid internship program offers two payroll and worker’s compensation payment options:
    1) Employers with less than 100 employees at a worksite for 6 weeks (240 hours) Paid Internship. The FOUNDATION (Employer of Record) pays 100% payroll at the entry-level hourly wage and workers compensation for 40 hours (8 hours/day for 5 days work week).
    2) Employers with one or more employees at a worksite for 10 weeks (240 hours) Paid Internship. The FOUNDATION (Employer of Record) pays for 100% payroll at the entry-level hourly wage and worker’s compensation for 24 hours (3 days/week, 8 hours/day), and the Employer Work Site pays 100% payroll at the entry-level hourly wage and worker’s compensation for 16 hours (2 days/week, 8 hours per day). Employer Work Site pays 100% for overtime wages and worker’s compensation during overtime.
  • Pending successful completion, the Employer Work Site is willing to hire the intern as a full-time employee for the paid internship hourly wage (based on entry-level hourly wage) or above.

InTech Center Industrial Electrical/Mechanical Pre-Apprenticeship trainees were invited to a luncheon and tour of Walmart Automation Consolidation Center #6561 in Colton. Students had an opportunity to learn about the General Maintenance Associate (GMA) position, tour the warehouse floor, and see up-close the automated equipment that the GMA’s maintain, troubleshoot, and repair.

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