Hire Our Graduates

The InTech Employer Engagement Team places program graduates in good career opportunities with regional employers who are in need of:

  • Entry Level Industrial Electrical/Mechanical Technicians
  • Entry Level Welders
  • Entry Level Automation, Robotics and Mechatronics (ARM) Technicians

We work closely with students to develop their soft skills, elevator pitches, resumes and interviewing skills.

Are you looking for skilled industrial technicians?

Access our pool of well-trained, qualified candidates. To participate in any of these student recruitment events, employers must show proof of open positions. 

  • Student Recruitment Events – The InTech Center hosts sessions for employers to meet and engage with the graduating trainees. Employers are invited to participate in one-on-one sessions with the trainees, prior to graduation. Employers have an opportunity to share a company overview, job-related opportunities, recruit and hire trainees directly, as a Registered Apprentice, or Paid Intern.
  • Guest Speaker – Present your company and career opportunities to our graduates.
  • Industry Interview – Interview our trainees and learn about the skills and certifications they have attained.
  • Site Tour – Invite trainees into your facilities so they can get a firsthand look at your operations, equipment, and see workers perform daily tasks related to their InTech Center program training.

Paid Internship Program

InTech Center provides paid internships for trainees to work at manufacturing, distribution, logistics, and related industry sectors. Learn more about our Paid Internship Programs.

Virtual Tour of InTech

Find out when our next pool of graduates will be ready to meet with you. 

Contact our InTech Employer Engagement Team

Yvonne Morrow-Reid
Employer Engagement Specialist
(909) 295-3071

Pedro Molina
Work-Based Learning Liaison
(909) 296-1472

InTech Center
(909) 652-8488