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Feb 08

InTech Makes Presentation on Success of Registered Apprenticeship Programs to California Community College Board of Governors

On Monday, January 24th representatives from the Chaffey College InTech Center presented to California Community Colleges Board of Governors regarding the successes students have achieved through InTech’s work-based learning registered apprenticeship programs. The presentation was made by Sandra Sisco, Chaffey College Director of Economic Development and InTech Center with support from Natalie Weaver, Chaffey College, Manager of Apprenticeship and Grants & Acting Deputy Director of Economic Development. In attendance representing the Board of Governors were Chancellor Eloy Oakley, President Pamela Haynes, and Vice President Amy Costa along with other distinguished governing board members and stakeholders.

During the presentation, Sisco gave the following highlights of InTech’s registered apprenticeship (RA) program.

“Since July 2018, we have registered over 100 industrial apprentices, 30 have completed the program and received their journey-level certificate and 67 are currently enrolled in the program. In the last three years we have presented the RA model to over 150 employers and today we have a total of 36 employers participating in apprenticeship – a conversion percentage of 20%. The average hourly starting wage for our apprentices is $23.94/hour, and the average journey-level wage upon completion is $35.22/hour, or just over $73,000 a year. The California Apprenticeship Initiative (CAI) grant enabled us to hire employer engagement liaisons who are critical in educating employers and building partnerships that allow us to job match our pre-apprentice graduates to in-demand, good-paying careers, or registered apprenticeships.”

Other important points made during the presentation included:
InTech Apprenticeships

  • By partnering with business and industry The InTech Center is leveraging this apprenticeship model to accelerate the economic recovery in the Inland Empire region.
  • All apprenticeship programs offered by InTech are designed in collaboration with industry and are union neutral.
  • In 2017, InTech began working with regional employers to create the Inland Desert Employers Apprenticeship Committee (IDEA). The Committee serves as a sponsor for Intech’s registered apprentice programs and meets quarterly to approve and enroll new apprentices and employers and identify new innovative RA occupations to purse.
  • InTech’s RA programs are approved at the state and federal level; therefore, each apprentice receives both state and federal journey-level certificates at the completion of their apprenticeship.

Benefits of the Registered Apprenticeship Programs Offered by the Chaffey College Intech Center

  • Hands-on career training: Apprentices receive practical on-the-job training in a well-paying, family-sustaining job.
  • An education: Apprentices receive hands-on training resulting in improved skills and competencies, all at no or limited cost to them.
  • A career: Once the apprenticeship program is complete, workers are on their way to a successful long-term career with a competitive salary and little or no educational debt.
  • State credential: When an apprentice graduates from a career training program, he or she earns a certified portable credential accepted by industries and employers across California.

Student testimonial shown during the presentation: Carlos Morales, Industrial Electrical and Mechanical Pre-Apprenticeship Program Graduate.

Learn more about InTech’s registered apprenticeship program.


Natalie Weaver
Manager of Apprenticeship and Grants & Acting Deputy Director of Economic Development
Phone: (909) 652-8491