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8/30/2022 – Beginner-Intermediate Excel

Training Title: Beginner to Intermediate Microsoft Excel
Dates: 8/30, 9/6, 9/13, 9/20, 9/27, 10/4
Time: 12:30pm – 4:30pm (24 hours total)
Trainer: Bill Napoli
Location: Online with Zoom

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The Beginner – Intermediate Microsoft Excel workshop enhances employees’ abilities, whether Excel novices or experienced Excel users.

  • Excel Foundational Topics
    • Understanding the Tabs and Ribbons user interface
    • Setting up and customizing the Quick Access Toolbar
    • Setting up and customizing the Ribbons
    • Understanding the components of the Excel screen
    • Efficiently navigating among the worksheets in a workbook
  • The Five Data Types
    • Identifying labels, values, formulas, functions, and objects
    • Using cell formatting to alter the appearance of data within cells
    • Resizing columns and understanding what happens if a column’s width is insufficient to show the data
  • Creating a Well-Designed Worksheet From Scratch
    • Four rules for creating a worksheet
    • Four rules for good formula design
    • Basic AutoFill techniques for copying formulas from column to column
    • Using a finished worksheet to “play what-if games” that shows the effect of altering cell values
  • Unleashing the Power of Tables
    • Automatically format tables
    • Automatically create formulas that use defined names rather than cell references
    • Automatically copy formulas from one cell to all other cells within a table column
    • Working with relative and absolute cell references
    • Automatically delete duplicate rows from a table
  • Advanced AutoFill Techniques
    • AutoFill cells with the names of the days of the week and the months of the year.
    • AutoFill cells with a series of numbers or dates.
    • Create custom lists to AutoFill cells with any list, such as names of products or employees.
  • Introduction to Functions
    • Create functions using the basic functions:
      • SUM()
      • AVERAGE()
      • MAXIMUM()
      • MINIMUM()
      • COUNT()
  • Advanced Functions
    • VLOOKUP()
    • HLOOKUP()
    • IF()
    • COUNTIF()
    • PMT()
    • MOD()
    • NOW()
    • ISBLANK()
  • Pictures
    • Learn how to insert pictures into worksheets
    • Enhance pictures by applying styles, eliminating backgrounds, cropping to shapes, correcting imperfections, applying artistic effects, and grouping pictures
  • Speaking
    • Learn how to have Excel speak by reading back the contents of cells and repeating whatever was typed into a cell upon its entry
  • Printing a Worksheet
    • Learn the steps necessary to print a professional-looking worksheet. Insert logos, headers, footers, page numbers, gridlines, time and date of printing, have field names automatically appear at the top of every page, keep print confined to being one page wide, and much more
  • Working with Multiple Worksheets
    • Group monthly worksheets. A  change to a cell in any sheet in the group is automatically carried over to all sheets in the group
    • Create formulas that span multiple worksheets and multiple workbooks
    • Create Quarterly and Yearly Summary pages
    • Create attractive, time-saving menus that enable end-users to click on menu buttons to move back and forth between the menus and the specific worksheet locations to which they want to navigate
    • Create templates that quickly enable users to create new yearly workbooks
    • Protect worksheets from having formulas inadvertently changed or deleted
  • Using Excel as a Database
    • Use VLOOKUP() to create relational databases rather than the typical flat-file databases.
    • Work with advanced sorting and filtering techniques.
    • Subtotal database data.
    • Validate database entries.
  • Macros
    • Learn everything needed to create and use macros to speed work and prevent errors
  • Goal Seek
    • Use Goal Seek to obtain instant answers as to what must be accomplished  to achieve specific sales and profit goals
  • PivotTables
    • Learn the basics of creating and using PivotTables to extract specific answers to questions related to data in a table.

Workshop Benefits

This Workshop greatly enhances the Excel skills of every employee, regardless of their experience level. This results in worksheets that are easier to use, more powerful, and make use of the latest features and enhancements contained in the latest versions of Excel. In many instances, employees can complete tasks in a small fraction of the time that they would have taken without this training.

Workshop Duration

This Workshop is presented by Bill Napoli using the Zoom distance learning format. Students receive a file from which to print a comprehensive, 186-page workbook that provides detailed explanations of all of the workshop sessions, together with an Excel file containing worksheets for each of the workshop projects. The Workshop is 24 hours in length and spans six 4-hour weekly classe


Bill Napoli founded Computrax, Inc. In 1987, a company which specialized in computer training and custom software development. He served as CEO of that company until his retirement in 2008. Prior to founding Computrax, Bill was formerly Vice President of several computer services companies. During his long career, Bill has authored over 50 workbooks on various computer subjects, which he uses in conducting his computer workshops. He has published two science fiction novels and has personally developed over 25 custom software apps for corporate clients. He specializes in not-for-credit, customized training on a variety of computer apps, including Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Access, and other Microsoft Office applications. Since 1987, Bill has trained for Chaffey College and Riverside City College. In addition, he has conducted computer workshops on behalf of the Community Services Departments of 16 other California Community Colleges. Bill has a B.A. degree from St. John’s University and has taken graduate courses at New York University.

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