May 25

6/3/2022 – Mechanical Blueprint Reading

Training Title: Mechanical Blueprint Reading
Class Dates: June 3, 10 & 17, 2022
Time: 7:00am – 3:30pm
Trainer: Brian Vanderzanden
Location: In-Person

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Overview of the Training


This course will further teach trainees the interpretation of drawings used to show mechanical,
piping, hydraulic, and pneumatic systems. Concepts learned will include symbol interpretation, scaling
and more advanced dimensioning, and the interpretation of more specialized drawings and symbols such
as weld prints and component status or position. Trainees will also learn the basics of electrical prints and
electrical ladder diagrams.

Section Duration: 24 hours (16 hrs Lecture / 8 hrs Lab)
Prerequisites: None

  • Describe the concept of a print and common sizes
  • Explain the use of a drawing numbering system
  • Describe the common elements found in a print
  • Explain the importance of standardized print symbols
  • Describe various print symbols and what they represent
  • Describe when to use the different types of multi-view drawings
  • Describe common dimensioning practices
  • Define drawing scale, explain its importance, and explain its relation to drawing size
  • Describe how threaded fasteners are dimensioned on a print
  • Define a welding symbol, explain its importance, and describe its elements
  • Describe the symbols for various welds
  • Describe the function of a piping schematic drawing
  • Read and interpret a piping schematic drawing
  • Describe how to design a piping system
  • Describe different types of electrical drawings
  • Describe the function of various electrical drawing

Practical Performance: Yes

  • Identify, read and interpret various types of drawings
  • Identify individual components starting with an assembly drawing
  • Create a basic drawing or sketch of a provided part using scales
  • Identify the pipe fitting schematic symbols
  • Design and draw a piping schematic for a given application
  • Demonstrate the use of electrical drawings, individually and with mechanical prints

Brian Vanderzanden is a mechanical instructor with over 15 years of varied experience in the field. Currently, he works as a Mechanical Maintenance Leadman for a steel mill, California Steel Industries. There, he specializes in mechanical, hydraulic, and pneumatic systems operation, maintenance, and improvement. He also participates in and leads various other programs such as Hazardous Materials and Waste Management, Safety, and Quality Control. Prior to working at CSI, Brian served in the United States Navy as Machinist Mate on nuclearpowered submarines. He was qualified up to Engineering Watch Supervisor and was extensively trained in mechanical, electrical, electronic, laboratory analysis and integrated plant operations for all systems related to an operational engineering plant aboard submarines. His responsibilities included routine operations and maintenance, extensive overhauls, quality assurance and inspections, technical work document preparation and parts procurement. During his time in the Navy, Brian also served for two years as an instructor at Nuclear Power Training Unit Charleston, teaching junior sailors how to safely and effectively operate a nuclear-powered engineering plant.

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