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Jun 24

Chaffey College InTech Center is Approved for First State-Registered Pre-Apprenticeship in California

Pre-apprenticeshipIn April 2019, Chaffey College InTech Center was approved by the California Division of Apprenticeship Standards (DAS) for their Industrial Electrical and Mechanical Pre-Apprenticeship program. This approval makes InTech Center’s program the first DAS-registered pre-apprenticeship in the state.

InTech collaborated with the Inland/Desert Non-Union Unilateral Multiemployer Apprenticeship (IDNUMA) Committee to develop a program that directly aligns with their DAS-registered apprenticeship occupations of Industrial Maintenance Electrician and Industrial Mechanic.

Topics include basic safety, material handling, industrial maintenance fundamentals, basic industrial electricity, hydraulics, pneumatics, and industrial automation. In addition, the pre-apprenticeship incorporates professional and soft skills training modules, which helps trainees develop their resumes, elevator pitch, interview skills, communication and more.

“Students who are successful in the pre-apprenticeship make ideal apprentice candidates – they have shown commitment, strong work ethic and dedication to the trade. By partnering with InTech to align their program with our apprenticeship, we are able to build a pipeline of qualified entry-level workers to fill the manufacturing workforce gap in our region.” 

—Steve Tyrrell, Chairman of IDNUMA and Maintenance Manager, Mitsubishi Cement Corporation

The pre-apprenticeship is offered as both full- and part-time, and is no cost for candidates who qualify. Candidates must also complete a math and reading comprehension assessment, as well as an interview to participate in the program.

“We are pleased to partner with industry to provide the first state-recognized ‘pre-apprenticeship to apprenticeship pathway’ in California,” said Sandra Sisco, director of Chaffey College Economic Development and the InTech Center. “Support from employers, funders and Chaffey leadership are crucial to helping Inland Empire residents reach family-sustaining wages in lasting, high-paying careers.”

Learn more about InTech Center’s pre-apprenticeship programs.

About the Value of Pre-Apprenticeship and Apprenticeship Programs

Apprenticeship has been recognized for centuries as a tried-and-true method of passing on essential technical skills and vocational competencies from one generation of skilled workers to another. Today these programs offer Californians a pathway to in demand high wage and high-growth careers. Apprenticeship is a remarkable structured training method and method of choice in industries that demand highly skilled, competent and flexible workers.

This system of training is designed to meet the diverse and technical needs for hundreds of industries and occupations.  The planned training involves a progression of tasks on the job combined with classroom instruction which integrates the why and how of the job.  Apprenticeship programs can be set up for any occupation which involves the use of independent judgment in applying a wide range of skills and knowledge.  An apprenticeable occupation can be designed by combining several single-skill jobs to form an upward mobility pattern.