Video Project

Help address the perilous shortage of manufacturing workers.

Chaffey College InTech Center is seeking your help on a video project that showcases the manufacturing industry.  Please note our request is for access to film your facilities and employees. All production costs will be covered by Chaffey College InTech Center and you will be able to review and approve the final copy before release.
Using our COVID-19 compliant videographer, we would film our former trainee(s) and your current worker, on your site performing typical tasks, and then interview them about their journey into manufacturing.


How will these videos be used, you ask?  That’s a good question. 

We will create short video vignettes that can be viewed during class at middle and high schools and shared with school counselors, parents, at events, job fairs, uploaded to YouTube, Instagram, you name it.

We recognized through the pandemic this year that manufacturing is still an essential business, and work still needed to get done…products produced.

What is needed?

  • With your permission we would conduct a plant tour with a company representative who can discuss the manufacturing processes and the activities employees are performing. (approximately 2 hours).
  • We seek permission for one-hour of time for each employee who may be taken ‘off-line’ for the interview process, and permission to use.
  • We would need access to a quiet room so that the videographer can interview and record your company representative giving an overview of the company, career opportunities, production, customers served, and any comments as appropriate about the relationship between the college and your company. This may include the recruitment process, apprenticeships, quality of training, and any other relevant partnership topics.
  • We would provide and obtain a “Permissions to film” authorization from each employee who is identifiable by sight (within a shot) or by voice.

Benefits for your company:

  • Exposure and increased brand awareness for future hiring,
  • Depiction of your company as an advanced manufacturing organization with great career opportunities,
  • Promotion of the video via Chaffey College InTech Center’s extensive social media channels including LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter,
  • Posting of the video on Chaffey College InTech Centers’ website,
  • Free to use the video on your company’s website,
  • Virtual Career Day exploration and,
  • PR and promotional opportunities developed in partnership with you!

For more details, and to schedule filming at your location by December 1, 2020, please complete the form below and an InTech representative will get back to you.