Employer Training Forms

All of the following forms may be downloaded and submitted via a secure Formstack Portal:


Employer Participation Agreement: LINK

  • The Employer Participation Agreement (EPA) is a umbrella contract that lets Chaffey College offer a variety of services to employers.
    • Signing the document does not obligate an employer to participate in any services.
    • Once signed, the EPA puts all the contract language in place for 3 years, and Chaffey College and an employer can just focus on the particulars of the services needed during that time.
    • Any individual service will still be quoted to an employer in detail and will require written agreement before proceeding. The EPA allows for streamlined agreements without starting a new contract every time.
    • If there are any questions while filling out the EPA, please don’t hesitate to contact the Chaffey College Employee Training team for help or clarification.

ETP 100E Certification Statement: LINK

The 100E Certification Statement is a 2-page document that Chaffey College submits to ETP on an employer’s behalf to seek approval to use funds from Chaffey’s contracts with ETP toward training for their employees. Below is clarification to three elements of the document.
  • CEAN (California Employer Account Number) is the CA tax ID for the employer. It can be found conveniently on W2s (as one option) if it needs to be looked up.
  • Turnover Rate: Calculate as previous-year’s-turnover/total-employees. Only calculate turnover for employee who left in a manner which would make them eligible for unemployment (aka exclude temps, seasonal workers, retirements, deaths, leaves, etc.).
  • Estimated Contribution: Employers should calculate a best guess as to how much will be paid in wages-during-training, coordination time, etc. ETP wants to see in-kind contribution from the employer participating in state-funded training.

ETP Enrollment Forms:

Please note: ETP Enrollment requires private information such as Social Security numbers, wages, and demographic data. Chaffey College takes data privacy very seriously, and only uses the submitted information for verification and enrollment into the ETP system. DO NOT email enrollment information to Chaffey College. Use the secure Formstack portal ONLY for submitting enrollment data.

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Employee Training Contacts

Preethi Talwar
Director, Strategic Projects
email: preethi.talwar@chaffey.edu
phone: (909) 652-8484

Carlos Lequerica
Training Development Specialist
email: carlos.lequerica@chaffey.edu
phone: (909) 652-8496

Yvonne Reid
Employer Engagement Specialist
email: yvonne.morrowreid@chaffey.edu
phone: (909) 652-8482
mobile: (909) 295-3071