The INTECH Career Hub helps employers job match with students who complete our accelerated training programs. We work with students closely for soft skills training, elevator pitches, resume review, interview skills and more.

Are you looking for employees?

INTECH promotes the AAA candidate: Attitude, Aptitude and Attendance! We pre-screen students to ensure they show up on time, ask questions, have a strong work ethic, and know the fundamentals of safety and technical skills related to their field of study.

Meet the Students:
  • Guest Speaker – Visit our current training programs, and speak to students about your company and open job opportunities.
  • Industry Interview – Participate in interviews to determine if students are prepared to move to the next level of our accelerated training programs. This will allow you to get a firsthand look at our dedicated students.
  • Site Tour – Invite students into your facilities, so they can get a firsthand look at what your company does.
  • Student Meet & Greets – INTECH Career Hub often offers mini hiring events to graduating students. Participate in these Meet & Greets, and meet the students who have successfully completed training and are ready for work!

Paid Internship Program

INTECH provides paid internships to students at qualified companies. Depending on internship slot availability, companies may get approved for the following:

  • Dedicated students who qualify as a AAA candidate
  • Payroll covered for positions at $15/hour to $17/hour for 72-240 hours
  • Workers’ compensation 100% covered through this program

PAID INTERNSHIP PROGRAM VALUE: $1490-$5483 at NO COST to the Employer

Requirements of companies:

  • Must complete a work site agreement.
  • Must have open positions available – INTECH places interns with companies who want to fill already existing open positions. This is to ensure maximum success between interns and their work site.
  • Supervisors must complete an 8-hour mentorship training. Supervisors who complete this training will be adequately prepared to mentor an intern.
  • The paid internship program pays for up to 24 hours a week. Employers must pay the additional 16 hours a week, so the student is getting paid a total of 40 hours per week.
  • Pending successful completion, company is willing to hire intern at their internship pay rate ($15-$17) or above.

Interested in learning more?

Contact our INTECH Career Hub
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Rosalinda Rivas
Workforce Coordinator
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