InTech Ambassadors

InTech Ambassadors

Chaffey College InTech Ambassadors are an essential part of outreach and recruitment. Ambassadors provide mentorship to current students and promote InTech programs to prospective students. This role helps InTech graduates practice their leadership skills, public speaking ability, critical thinking, customer service, and represent all that the Chaffey College InTech Center has to offer.

Would you like an InTech Ambassador to participate in your event? Ambassadors can:

1. Present to prospective students on the following:

  • Chaffey College InTech programs and trainings
  • Tips on what to expect and how to be successful throughout their program
  • Career pathways and earning potential
  • What to expect in the hiring process – interviewing, testing
  • A day in the life in the workplace/work environment
  • Balancing work and school

2. Meet and greet prospective students, families, alumni, and special guests
3. Be a mentor to current and prospective students

If you are interested in having an Ambassador participate in your event, please fill out the request form below.