By Arian Magyar, CSUSB Entrepreneurship Graduate Student

Entrepreneurs are often noted as priceless assets to America. They not only constantly change the environment we live in, but also disrupt outdated industries with their innovative approaches. Successful entrepreneurs create path-breaking new services and products that establish new jobs, add to the national income, and help to improve their respective community. So, if you want to learn how an entrepreneurial education can change your life and the lives of the people around you, then I urge you to read on. You could be the next big thing in the new age of entrepreneurship.


Demonstrate Skills in Start-Up Ventures & Business Management

Most of you reading this have probably thought at least once about opening your own business, but may have given up on the prospect. Your reasons could easily range from having no idea what steps are needed to start your business, lack of confidence in your skillset, or thinking that there is no way to fund your venture. The point is, learning the start-up essentials to establish a company will not only aid you, but also increase your awareness of the company you work for – thus increasing your overall value to them. Understanding key metrics, customer behavior, and financial statements will allow you to make more educated decisions and be part of the conversation. Then, when you are ready to take the start-up plunge, you can do so with greater confidence.


Creativity & Blowing Up the Box

The beauty of entrepreneurship lies in its diversity. An individual who dedicates his/her time to studying entrepreneurial management will learn how to open a business, think creatively and solve problems –much like an owner would. Personally, I always considered myself an uncreative person. However, I learned that creative thinking and brainstorming is undoubtedly something that can be taught, trained and put into practice. Once you understand how to engage your graying brain cells and practice frequently on daily issues, this mindset can be applied to all areas in life.


Self-Management & Personal Responsibility

Most of us are stuck in a “9-to-5” routine and have gotten used to the daily grind. For some people, that might be acceptable – but is it right for you? We all have dreams and goals we are trying to reach, yet sadly, many of them seem untouchable due to financial and time constraints. The fundamentals of Entrepreneurship teaches you how to hold yourself accountable for your goals, as well as how to map out a plan that will take you towards your destination.

“Think like an owner”: your success is entirely dependent on the amount of work put into it! Sumit Vohra, CEO and Founder, Lonerider Brewing Co. once said, “Effect change – don’t just be an audience. Find something you believe in and take action; that is truly the heart of entrepreneurship. Going to business school made me see what was possible – I realized that if I truly want to do something, it can be done.” Don’t be afraid to take charge and guide your business venture to the ideals you imagined for it.


Teamwork & Diversified Thinking

As an Entrepreneur, especially in the start-up phase, you will need as much help as possible. Going through the process of opening a business forces you to accept challenges that make it impossible to handle alone with the lack of knowledge you may have. Learning how to work effectively on common goals with others, trusting their competency and coordinating projects among diversified thinking groups of people are extremely valuable life lessons that can be applied anywhere.


Happiness & Being Your Own Boss

I’m not going to lie – as an Entrepreneur, you’ll work around the clock, but be able to choose your own hours and work for yourself. It might be a preferable option than working under a boss.  Studies have shown that entrepreneurship promotes social and emotional well-being by giving business owners a higher sense of control over their own destiny. The trend of social entrepreneurship – doing well by doing good – has also increased the philanthropic virtue of business. Profit and purpose aren’t mutually exclusive and it feels good to give back!


Learning How to Manage Money Properly

Start-ups are basically always short on cash, and so are a majority of American households. Learning how to manage your resources more effectively and to ensure your business’s liquidity will also enable you to keep better track of your personal finances, and as a result, improve your standard of living.

No matter what stage of life you are in; rising in the workforce or opening your own business, an education in entrepreneurship will change your life for the better within business and beyond. Knowing the business essentials, understanding the values, attributes, and beliefs of successful entrepreneurs will propel you towards your entrepreneurial dreams.


Education is your vehicle towards success. We challenge you to take hold of your future and learn these fundamental entrepreneurial skills by enrolling in the FREE Entrepreneurial Technician course.


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