How ETP Benefits You as an Employer


As a business owner, did you know that California returns $102.9 million dollars per year to employers to train their employees and stimulate their bottom line? This is accomplished through the Employment Training Panel (ETP), a business and labor-supported state agency that funds the cost of vocational training. The goal of this program is to assist California employers’ efforts to effectively train workers and maintain a skilled workforce.

Chaffey College Workforce Training Institute (CCWTI) provides ETP funding for local businesses (like you) so that they can acquire the tools and knowledge they need to grow and succeed. Find out below how CCWTI can utilize ETP to help you.


What is ETP? – Program Overview

  • ETP is governed by an 8-member panel and is funded by a tax on employers, collected alongside the Unemployment Insurance tax. It targets California employers who are threatened by out-of-state competition or who compete in the global economy.
  • Since its inception in 1982, ETP has reimbursed employers well over $1 billion for training workers in more than 80,000 businesses.
  • The program is performance-based, allowing California businesses to stay competitive, productive, and profitable while supporting the creation and retention of high-wage, high-skilled, secure jobs in industries that have the greatest positive impact on California’s economy.
  • ETP funds may be used to support employer-customized, job-specific training delivered to full-time employees.



CCWTI works with the ETP funding agency to provide trainings by subject matter experts for businesses who do not have the time or resources to offer the trainings themselves. Each subject matter expert, or trainer, brings actual workplace experience to any employment team. Chaffey College trainers are consistently touted by companies as being well-versed, with strong business application skills and stellar educational backgrounds.

With most trainings, both professional and trade certifications are delivered through CCWTI. All certifications are attached to well-established industry organizations, including Manufacturing Skills Standards Council (MSSC), Microsoft, and Development Dimensions International (DDI).

The value of utilizing ETP funding through CCWTI is incomparable. Professional experts guide you through the application process to see if you qualify for subsidized training, then help you enroll your employees in the trainings your company needs.


ETP Frequently Asked Questions

How will ETP-funded trainings help develop workplace skills?

ETP funding allows for a variety of workplace training programs and certifications. The trainings offered are in-demand, cost effective solutions for employee development. Chaffey College Workforce trainers are industry experts who can deliver quality programs either on-site or at the InTech Center.

Please review the Training Menu to see current course listings.


Does my company qualify for subsidized funding?

The industries listed below qualify for state-funded training as identified by the California Employment Training Panel.

Allied Healthcare
Biotechnology and Life Sciences
Clean/Green Technology
Goods Movement and Transportation Logistics
Information Technology Services

If your industry is not listed above, your company may still qualify if it is subject to the California State Unemployment Insurance Tax. To determine if your company is approved, you must fill out an application. CCWTI training consultants can assist you in completing and submitting an application. You may contact Karena Jimenez, Client Services & Training Coordinator, at or 909/652-8490 for more information.


Click here for application


How long will it take to get approved for subsidized funding?

It takes approximately 1-5 business days to get approved. Once your eligibility status is determined, you will be notified by either Karena Jimenez or the CCWTI Business Liaison, Melissa Milton.


Which employees are eligible for subsidized funding?

Employees must meet the following state-mandated requirements:

  • Employed full-time (35+ hours/week) and permanent; temporary employees must be hired shortly after the completion of training.
  • Meet minimum hourly wage requirements, which vary by county. The employer-paid premium portion of medical, dental, and vision benefits may be calculated into the minimum hourly wage.
  • California resident.
  • Employees must complete a minimum of 8 hours of training.
  • Certain levels of management and exempt employees may not qualify for subsidized training, but CCWTI can offer valuable training to these individuals at a discounted rate.


Since these trainings are offered by the Community College, can the employee receive college credits for attending?

Training offered through Workforce Training are designed to address workforce preparedness through job skills development. As such, credits or units toward degree programs are not supported here. Workforce Training does offer well-established industry certifications to augment employee development.


What happens if the employee is assigned to a job site outside of the state of California? Can that employee participate in ETP-funded training?

An out-of-state employee may qualify for training if all basic requirements are met. Please contact Melissa Milton, Business Liaison, at to discuss the specifics of your situation.


Are customized trainings or certifications covered with ETP Funding?

Customized training courses may be designed to meet ETP guidelines. Courses are also delivered for specific industry certifications that do meet ETP guidelines and criteria. Please call the Workforce Training office at 909/652-8492 to discuss further.


As an employer, it is your responsibility to take advantage of ETP through CCWTI. You may be eligible to receive SUBSIDIZED training for your employees to advance your competitive edge. Want to learn more about customized trainings that are specifically geared to your company? Contact Melissa Milton, Business Liaison, at or 909/652-8492.
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